Thursday, February 19, 2009

More on stress, anxiety, depression..

Having stressful days lately? This delicious recipe will help you get rid of fear, anxiety, depression, negativity. You will soon start feeling calm, composed, emotionally balanced and at much ease with yourself..

1/2 cup white pumpkin juice
almond paste (6 almonds)
2 tsp ginger juice
2 tsp basil juice
1/4 tsp black pepper powder
jaggery (if needed for tatse and energy)

Mix the above ingredients together and take the resulting mixture 2-3 times a day.

I will be sharing more recipes and home remedies with you that will help you get rid of stress, tension and all negativity. You can choose any one remedy that is easy to make, follow and the one that you can actually relish!!

Disclaimer: The information provided in these posts is not intended to replace the advice of any physician. Please see your physicianbefore changing your diet, starting an exercise or taking any supplements of any kind.


Rasika said...

Hey Neha,

Thanks for sharing these recipes.
One question is white pumpkin lauki???


Neha said...


Yes its lauki or doodhi bhopla as we call it. Do give it a try for this will feel the difference within few days!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Neha,

Is pumpkin juice fairly available? I don't think I've seen it before.

Thanks for the recipes!


Neha said...

Hi Ren,

Yes..White pumpkin juice is not availabe out in the market. You will have to make the juice at home. Mix 1 glass of water to a quarter of white pumpkin in an electric mixer. This will last you for 3-4 days. Hope this helps!


Ranjit K Sharma said...

Hi Neha!

Great recipe for relieving stress! With such a blog giving information about traditional Indian recipes you are doing a great job in bringing back the wisdom of ancient India in the form of Ayurveda to help the people in living a healthy life in this busy, modern world of today. Keep visiting my blog at for new articles on Ayurveda and Indian philosophy.

Ranjit K Sharma